About Diabetes Action Canada (Living With Diabetes)




Who’s Who

Co-Lead team

Joyce Dogba
, Assistant Professor and Researcher
Lead, Patient Engagement

Dr. Dogba is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Emergency Medicine at University Laval in Quebec, and a research scientist at CERSSPL-UL. She has also trained as a physician in Togo. She holds a Master’s degree in health economics and a PhD in Public Health. Her research program comprises evaluation of collaborative practices with patients/service users in research and the education of health professionals.





Holly Witteman, Assistant Professor and Researcher
Co-Lead, Patient Engagement

Dr. Witteman is an Assistant Professor at University Laval in Quebec and a research scientist at CRCHU-UL and CERSSPL-UL. She holds a PhD in human factors engineering. Her research program is about adapting health technology to people rather than expecting people to adapt to health technology. Having lived with type 1 diabetes since childhood, Holly’s role in Diabetes Action Canada involves helping to build connections between people with diabetes and researchers.




Marie-Claude Tremblay
Co-Lead, Patient Engagement

Dr. Tremblay is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, University Laval in Quebec. She holds a PhD in public health from University of Montreal. Her research focuses on participatory program evaluation, patient engagement in research and pedagogical support to health professionals in the context of healthcare paradigmatic transitions.


Jon McGavock


Jon McGavock
Co-Lead, Patient Engagement




France Légaré



France Légaré, Full Professor and Clinical researcher
Lead Knowledge Translation and Patient Engagement

Support Team



Olivia Drescher
Coordinator, Patient Engagement

Olivia Drescher holds a Master’s degree in Epidemiology. Before coordinating patient engagement activities for Diabetes Action Canada, she worked with remote populations in Northern Quebec (Cree and Inuit communities) and in the Caribbean on topics such as nutrition and fish in the diet.




Adriana Freitas

Coordinator, Knowledge Transfer and Patient Engagement

Adriana Freitas holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She also holds a Master’s degree in health economics and health evaluation from the University of Montreal. Since 2010, she is responsible for the coordination of knowledge translation projects aiming to provide health professionals and their patients with the necessary skills to promote shared decision-making throughout the healthcare continuum. She is now responsible for coordinating the knowledge transfer section activities for Diabetes Action Canada.