Diabetes Action Canada Patient Partners Share their Experiences as Scientific Ambassadors

Woman teaching a group

In early November 2017, nearly 2000 people assembled at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta for the Diabetes Canada professional conference.  For the first time ever, among these people, were four patient partners representing Diabetes Action Canada as Scientific Ambassadors: Serena Hickes, Gloria Lourido, André Gaudreau and Howard English.  Of the more than 40 sessions that took place at this conference our Scientific Ambassadors participated collectively in 22 presentations.  We asked our Scientific Ambassadors to share their experiences participating in these presentations and their overall impressions from the event.  A detailed report was created by our Patient Engagement Goal Group and is Available Here in both French and English.  Some highlighted quotes from of Scientific Ambassadors:

“At the beginning, I thought that as a patient, I had nothing to do in a scientific conference, but after my participation, I realized that we have a role to play in this type of conferences”. – Gloria Lourido

“The presenters were very well qualified, entertaining and the topics that I attended, although interesting & informative were more for the professional attendees. I felt I did gain a great amount of

patient related information”. – Howard English

As reported by the Patient Engagement Goal Group

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