Diabetes Action Canada Using Health Data to Transform Diabetes Management


Diabetes Action Canada is on the precipice of transforming how health data is used in diabetes intervention management and prevention of complications. With the Proof-of-Concept Diabetes Repository project well underway, soon Diabetes Action Canada researchers will have access to Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN) data from Ontario and Alberta to conduct secondary use population based studies.  To ensure the use of this data aligns with the vision and mission of Diabetes Action Canada and that research studies have gone through the appropriate ethical reviews, a Research Governing Committee was under the guidance of Dr. Don Willison, Health Informatics co-Investigator. This is an unprecedented level of governance, as half of the membership of the committee is composed of persons living with diabetes and the other half of primary care physicians and researchers.   On January 20th, 2018, the Research Governing Committee assembled for the first time to participate in a training workshop to learn about the specific goals of the Proof-of-Concept diabetes repository, the role of the Research Governing Committee members and how it all ties together.  The functions and potential of this governance model will be advantageous as Diabetes Action Canada fulfills is mission of using patient- and research-informed innovations in health care delivery designed to prevent diabetes complications.

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