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Avital Lang has a background in material science, jewellery fabrication and fitness. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree at Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) in Design for Health.

Her passion for health and wellness is what drives her to create change within individuals as well as within the healthcare system itself. Her interest in healthcare stems from her personal experience with Type I Diabetes, which she was diagnosed with 25 years ago. Avital has taken part in various T1D research studies with focus in nephrology, ophthalmology, psychology and various diabetic medical devices.

In combination with her background in design, Avital has been involved in healthcare projects at Toronto institutions including Toronto General Hospital, SickKids, Baycrest, Toronto Rehab Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital as well as with C-CHANGE (hypertension guidelines). These projects have involved elements of sensory design, medical devices, medication, cognitive understanding of a space and practices for adherence.

Avital’s goal as a patient representative is to partner with those working on diabetes management tools and techniques. Her aim is to develop tools that will cater to the daily issues and concerns faced by T1Ds. Having diabetes allows her to empathize with other T1Ds and to be a voice for them.

As repoted by Avital Lang 

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