About Diabetes Action Canada

General Information

About Diabetes:

  • Affects 10% (3 million) Canadians and their families
  • Up to half of Canadian Aboriginal adolescents have multiple risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Causes 50% of all new cases of kidney failure
  • Most common cause of blindness (<65y) and lower limb amputations
  • Complications – cost $16 billion/yr and rising in Canada

Vision & Mission

We promise to:  Transform the health trajectory for all Canadian men, women, and children with diabetes at risk for complications

Our Mission is to develop patient- and research-informed innovations in equitable health care delivery designed to prevent diabetes and its related complications and to achieve the Quadruple Aim goals (improve: patient experience; population outcomes; health professional experience; health system cost)


Governance Structure:
To ensure that Diabetes Action Canada – CIHR SPOR Network meets all standards established by CIHR, a governance structure has been established as indicated below.


SPOR Diabetes Network Governance and Administration



The Steering Council is the highest level of governance composed of 12 members, plus the chair, of which 6 are patient or patient representatives.
The Co-Scientific Leads are responsible for reporting to the Steering Council.       

                                             OPERATIONS/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE    

The Operations/Management Committee is composed of 15 Principal Investigators (PIs) including the Co-Scientific Leads and an Executive of the Goal Group Leads. This committee is responsible for advising the Scientific Co-Leads and the SPOR Network management on all activities of the Network.



Steering Council Page (Password Protected)