Alex M. McComber

Degrees, Title/Position:
M.Ed., D.Sc. (hon.)
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Indigenous Peoples' Health


Alex has been involved with the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project, long-standing CBPR project since 1994 which has been associated with PRAM. His research and academic interests include diabetes prevention, Indigenous health promotion, community mobilization, mentorship, personal empowerment and Indigenous research methodologies.

Alex is Director of the Quebec Indigenous Mentorship Network, Director of the Kahnawake Indigenous Youth Mentorship Project, part of a larger national CIHR Pathways 2 project. He is an active participant with the SPOR Diabetes Action Canada project as a Co-Investigator, co-Lead of the Indigenous Peoples Health program, and a patient partner. Alex is also a co-investigator with the new Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research which will be hosted by McGill University.

Alex is also involved with Indigenous focussed curriculum development for medical residents to develop and nurture cultural safety when working with Indigenous patients and community, and is a coordinator in the development of a partnership between Family Medicine, McGill University and the Indigenous Health Centre of Tiohtiake.

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