Anne-Sophie Brazeau

Degrees, Title/Position:
RD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Co-Investigator- Innovations in Type 1 Diabetes Goal-Directed Research Program


Her researches focus on characterising lifestyle (exercise/sedentary/eating) behaviours of people with diabetes and exploring strategies for optimizing the management of their condition, including reducing the hypoglycemia burden and preventing further complications. In order to translate their findings into practical application, her colleagues and she have developed and tested group-based lifestyle intervention (diet and exercise) for adults with type 1 diabetes as well as for families with a history of gestational diabetes-promoting the importance of social support for lifestyle changes. Her approach builds on close collaboration between patients, clinicians and researchers. She is co-directing the development and management of a prospective registry of patients with diabetes in Quebec, Canada (BETTER registry).

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