Building Synergy

Building Synergy

We are dedicated to build synergy between our KT Enabling Group and other Diabetes Action Canada Programs

As an enabling research program, KT has accomplished the following to support the members of Diabetes Action Canada:

Assisted the Aging, Community and Population Health program with their successful CIHR PIHCI grant proposal and scaling their successful program of implementing home care with the elderly living with diabetes in Quebec and across Canada. This includes fostering relationships with Quebec practice-based research networks (PBRNs) to secure sites to scale their intervention and contributing to the scalability assessment.

Enabled recruitment of the 12 Université Laval PBRN sites to include Quebec-based primary care data from the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network into our National Diabetes Repository. They fostered linkages with PULSAR, the université Laval big data main initiative.

Collaborated with the Diabetic Retinopathy program, Patient Engagement program and the Ottawa Health Research Institute to identify and understand barriers preventing persons in vulnerable populations, e.g. New Immigrants, from receiving diabetic retinopathy screening. These results  will inform  patient-oriented interventions to address the barriers experience by high-risk groups and identify enablers to overcome these barriers.

Partners with the Patient Engagement program to ensure operational management of their program and integration of patient engagement activities in the KT program.

Collaborates with the Sex and Gender program to develop effective KT strategies that include sex and gender considerations in diabetes-related patient-oriented research and best practices (e.g. Diabetes Canada guidelines of 2018). This will enable the goals of both programs to build capacity in their respective areas.

Develop partnerships with other SPOR networks to increase the impact of the DAC network (eg. with other SPOR networks and initiatives such as PIHCI, Can‐SOLVE CKD, SPOR Evidence Alliance, KT component of the SPOR SUPPORT units, diverse stakeholders such as Réseau‐1 Québec (FRQS primary care PBRN networks), Patient Advisors Network, Diabetes Canada, Diabète Québec, INESSS)

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