Developing Capacity in Patient-Oriented Research

Developing Capacity in Patient-Oriented Research

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The Training and Mentoring Enabling Program of Diabetes Action Canada aims to strengthen patient-oriented research capacity for diabetes and its complications in Canada. Our Program focuses on preparing the next generation of diabetes researchers across Canada in Patient-Oriented Research (POR) methods pertaining to all CIHR pillars.

The Training and Mentoring Program develops and organizes training and mentoring opportunities for graduate students (MSc and PhD), postdoctoral fellows and health professionals in POR in diabetes and its complications.

Training opportunities in both official languages are available to patients, healthcare providers, researchers, policy makers and administrators. These activities are coordinated jointly with other Programs such as the Patient Engagement Program and the Indigenous Peoples Health Program and in collaboration with partners such as CIHR, Diabetes Canada and CMDO (Quebec Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network).

The Training and Mentoring Program also works to coordinate training activities with other SPOR Networks such as CHILD-BRIGHT, Can-SOLVE CKD, Chronic Pain and IMAGINE to maximize training opportunities and synergize respective training strategies in POR.

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