Diabetes Action Canada highlights Patient-Oriented Research at the 2019 Diabetes Canada Professional Conference

Diabetes Canada held its annual Professional Conference in Winnipeg Manitoba on October 2nd – Oct 5th, 2019.  Diabetes Action Canada once again kicked off the event by hosting a pre-conference trainee day.  This was the most successful Trainee Day yet with 29 attendees.  We as an opportunity to connect with one of our Diabetes Action Canada trainees, Dr. Ruth Ndjaboue Njike, who attended the event and is a 2019-2021 postdoctoral fellowship awardee. Ruth was kind enough to share her perspectives on her experience below.

I had the opportunity to attend the Diabetes Action Canada Trainee Day first in 2018.  Then it was such a great experience for many reasons, but the recent 2019 Trainee Day was even better. It all started with the interactive layout of the room.  Everyone was seated in small groups around a round table, leading to a more casual environment.  Spending almost the whole day with the same people was itself an ice-breaking activity!  People seated with me were from different academic background (basic science, health profession science, medicine and social science) and as the day progressed, we learnt about each other.

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