Diabetic Foot Inpatient Cost Analysis in Toronto

Health economic analysis indicates that diabetic foot ulcers leadings to prolonged hospitalization and/or amputation are among the highest costs in our health care system. Of the $1.6 billion in direct health care costs in Ontario for diabetes and its complications, $400 million are related to diabetic foot ulcer disease alone. Recent analytics from the GEMINI group at St. Michael’s has revealed that, among 7 Toronto hospitals, the mean in-patient cost for treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer is $22,754 per hospital stay and $48,808 if a major amputation is required.

Outcomes of Research:

  • The economic burden of diabetic foot ulcers in Toronto, Canada
  • A population-based study of all diabetic foot ulcers patients admitted to general internal medicine wards at 7 hospitals in Toronto (2010-2015).
  • We observed that treatment costs were significantly higher for diabetic foot ulcer inpatients when compared to patients with other diabetes-related complications and the top five most costly conditions.
  • This highlights the need and necessity for focused efforts on foot ulcer prevention strategies and informs health policy in that regard.

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