Donna Manca

Degrees, Title/Position:
Professor & Director Research, Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry-Family Medicine, University of Alberta

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Digital Health for Diabetes Research and Care


Dr Donna Manca’s research is focused on obtaining and using data for research and to improve care through prevention, screening and better management. She is the Director of the Northern Alberta Primary Care Research Network (NAPCReN), a network contributing data to the Canadian Primary Care Research Network (CPCSSN). Dr Manca was instrumental in the implementation of the privacy and information security system for the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network which obtained the international association of privacy professionals 2013 privacy innovation award. She is working with Diabetes Action Canada on the development and launch of a secure National Diabetes Repository that will provide data from multiple sources for research, practice and patients. Good data is required to better inform patients and their health care providers.

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