Existing Canadian Knowledge Translation Initiatives/Tools to Prevent Diabetes Complications Now Available

Considering the increase in prevalence of diabetes and its complications in Canada, our Knowledge Translation Research Program conducted an environmental scan to document the existing knowledge translation (KT) tools for preventing diabetes complications and to make them accessible to knowledge users (e.g. patients, caregivers and health professionals).

The resulting library of tools for this environmental scan was identified using a multifaceted approach to gather information specific to Canada.  First, academic institutions, organizations and experts in diabetes were surveyed for tools that they have developed and/or used.  Second, a literature search of existing publications in KT and diabetes was conducted.  Third, internet searches using a search strategy to target KT and diabetes tools/initiatives was done. Fourth, an open call for KT tools using the Diabetes Action Canada social media Twitter and LinkedIn accounts was conducted.

The selection of eligible tools was performed using two reviewers identifying eligible tools and extracting data independently.  Discrepancies in judgement were resolved by discussion among the reviewers and, as necessary, addition of another reviewer, to reach consensus.  The tools/initiatives selected from this scan, focus on diabetes complications management and have relevance to all types of diabetes.  To ensure that tools/initiatives selected were easily understood and user-friendly, four Patient Partners from our Network were involved in this research project.

The environmental scan will ultimately provide patients, caregivers, health professionals, and relevant stakeholders a valuable resource of available KT tools to avoid unnecessary duplication and move knowledge into action promptly for better patient care.

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