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Network Members


The Members will consist of those stakeholders approved by the CIHR (original SPOR Network proposal) and, subsequently, approved by the Steering Council who have signed a written, time-limited agreement.
These stakeholders include the following:

  1. Inaugural 15 Network Principal Investigators and Scientific Co-Leads;
  2. Co-Investigators who are directly engaged in collaborative activities;
  3. Collaborating institutions (where the Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators conduct SPOR Network activities) including universities, academic hospital research centres and institutes, independent research centres and institutes eligible to receive CIHR funds;
  4. Sponsor Partners that include NGOs, government or private sector entities that share the vision, mission and goals of and provide support to the SPOR Network.

The following policies define the terms and conditions that constitute the requirement for a co-investment of expertise, resource and service with respect to governance and operational management to deliver the outcomes articulated in our SPOR Network proposal and work plans. Membership requires a commitment to the principles of conflict of interest and adherence to declaration of real or perceived conflict when representatives of the Scientific Co-Leads, Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Students/Trainees or Sponsor Partners are engaged in any aspect of governance, operational management, research, education or communication related to SPOR Network activities.

The Steering Council of the SPOR Network reviews and approves the Membership Policies and the overall slate of members (as proposed by the Co-Leads who have been advised by the SPOR Network Operations and Management) on an annual basis. These policies will be made transparent to all SPOR Network members in terms of agreement documents and through direct communications.

Policy for SPOR Network Academic Relations


Membership in Diabetes Action Canada of researchers, educators, students and trainees is essential for the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the SPOR Network. The following describes the general criteria for eligibility and the process for appointment of academic members.

Scientific Co-Leads

Diabetes Action Canada – the SPOR Network in Diabetes and its Related Complications has two Scientific Co-Leads – Gary Lewis and Jean-Pierre Després. Gary Lewis is the Nominated Principal Applicant for the CIHR SPOR Network Grant. The Co-Leads report to the Steering Council and are responsible for all the activities of the SPOR Network including oversight of research, knowledge translation, training and mentoring, patient-engagement and the management of the administrative operations of the Network including support of the CIHR-approved governance function.

Principal Investigators

The CIHR SPOR Network application required the recruitment of 15 individuals with specific skills in the envisioned activities of the Network including human subjects applied research, patient-oriented research training, knowledge translation and patient-engagement, health policy, sex and gender, Indigenous Peoples’ health. These Principal Investigators signed the original SPOR Network application and have committed to the mission and vision of Diabetes Action Canada for its 5 year term and are represented on the Steering Council. Unless they resign their position at their Collaborating Institution, they are able to use the title Principal Investigator in Diabetes Action Canada for the 5 year term. They form the Operations/Management Committee of Diabetes Action Canada chaired by the Co-Leads. The Principal Investigators are entitled to use the Diabetes Action Canada Logo and Word Mark on their email and other signatures.


A larger team of investigators and educators are engaged in the activities of Diabetes Action Canada. These individuals may lead projects or provide significant collaboration and their eligibility will be determined by the Scientific Co-Leads on the advice of the Goal Group Leads and approval of the Operations-Management Committee. They are appointed to their position as Co-Investigator by either signing: 1) an inter-institutional or transfer agreement as the Institutional Investigator on a SPOR Network project; or, 2) a letter of agreement with Diabetes Action Canada. The appointment is time-limited to their engagement in the project as indicated in their signed agreement. Unless they resign their position at their Collaborating Institution, they are able to use the title Co-Investigator in Diabetes Action Canada for the term of their appointment. Co-Investigators are entitled to use the Diabetes Canada Logo and Word Mark on their email and other signatures.

Associate Members

Individuals appointed to a university, academic hospital or research institute who are engaged in diabetes-related research (basic, clinical, knowledge translation) and interested in contributing to the mission and vision of Diabetes Action Canada, but who are not directly collaborating in a project funded through institutional agreements with Diabetes Action Canada. For individuals outside of Canada, academic appointment must be at an internationally recognized research-intensive university and/or academic hospital or research institute. Research Associates and/or patients partners who are key members of an existing project with one of our Principal Investigators, but do not hold an appointment at a university, academic hospital or research institute, may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Steering Council.

Collaborating Institutions

A collaborating institution is a university or research institute (academic hospital-based or independent) that is able to hold CIHR funding. Collaborating institutions have signed an inter-institutional agreement with the University of Toronto for their engagement in projects for the SPOR Network in support of Principal Investigators and/or Co-Investigators.


Graduate students (Masters or PhD candidates) and Post-doctoral Fellows who are engaged in SPOR Network academic activities supervised by Scientific Co-Leads, Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators are eligible for membership in the SPOR Network. They must have competed successfully for a SPOR Network award through a peer-review process and approved by the Steering Council. They may maintain their membership for the duration of their award or until the end of the 5 years of the SPOR Network grant. They may use the title: “Recipient of a Diabetes Action Canada Studentship or Fellowship”.


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