Geetha Mukerji

Degrees, Title/Position:
Clinician, Quality and Innovation, Women's College Hospital
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto


Dr. Mukerji’s primary appointment is in the Division of Endocrinology at Women’s College Hospital with cross-appointment to Division of Endocrinology at UHN/MSH. She has a Master’s degree in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety from the Institute of Health Policy and Management Evaluation at the University of Toronto and is the Clinician Lead in Quality at the Women’s College Institute of Health systems solutions and Virtual care. Her academic interests include: 1) system improvement efforts for those with complex chronic diseases such as diabetes 2) quality improvement in endocrinology in pregnancy care and transitional care populations, and 3) safety and quality care processes in the ambulatory setting. She is actively involved in the Young Adults Type 1 diabetes Transition Care program at WCH at the Endocrine in Pregnancy program at Mt Sinai and WCH. She has a special interest in the care of patients with chronic, complex diseases and examining innovative models of care delivery. She is an active clinical teacher in the endocrine division at WCH and also has a strong interest in teaching quality improvement and patient safety to undergraduate and post-graduate trainees.

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