Health Technology Assessment

Health technologies (drug and non-drug technologies including devices, services, care pathways, new models of healthcare delivery etc.) have enormous potential to improve health and healthcare delivery for patients with diabetes by improving safety, accessibility, efficiency, effectiveness, personalization of care, and cost-effectiveness. [1, 2] To ensure sustainability of the Canadian healthcare system, there is a need for rigorous and systematic evaluation and management of any new and existing technology for the benefits and costs that would accrue to the system, the healthcare providers, and their patients.  Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and management is a multidisciplinary field of policy analysis which provides a comprehensive approach to evaluate the medical, economic, social, ethical and organizational implications of technologies, and addresses both the opportunity and the challenge that innovative, system-disruptive health technologies bring to the system and society. [3-6]

The HTA and Network Evaluation Program will support the Diabetes Action Canada research programs to evaluate specific technologies and care pathways examined within the Network. The initial HTA’s will be completed examining tele-ophthalmology screening and care models for patients with foot ulcers related to diabetes.

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