Hélène Lee-Gosselin

Degrees, Title/Position:
Professeure retraitée
Département de management de la Faculté des sciences de l’administration de l’Université Laval

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Knowledge Translation


With professors Carmen Bernier and Lyne Bouchard, she carried out research (2014-2017) on the realities of women in the new information and communications technology industry, in partnership with technoCompétence and three industry organizations. With Sophie Brière and her team, she participated in the study of the situation of women in the fields of law, finance, occupational safety, engineering and education. With Lyse Langlois and Olivier Charpateau (Paris Dauphine), she participated in a research project on the ethical sensitivity of members of boards of directors, its activation and the resulting actions during difficult decisions.  Between 2009 and 2014, she conducted studies on a) women entrepreneurs (immigrants and natives) in the Quebec City region; b) organizational practices that support women’s access to management positions in large organizations; and c) the quality of the response to the needs of rural women aged 35 and over who are returning to the labor market, as presented by professional reintegration programs. She also participated in a research team looking at the conditions for successful integration of work-family balance measures in SMEs, and in the committee that designed the Work-Family Balance Standard (BNQ 9700-820).

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