Indigenous Patient Circle

The Diabetes Action Canada Indigenous Patient Circle works with other Diabetes Action Canada teams to the establish research priorities in Indigenous health.  In 2018-19, the Indigenous Patient Circle conducted a series of gatherings to discuss the important challenges among their communities and how we, as research teams, can best engage in meaningful diabetes complications prevention research with Indigenous Patient Partners in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.

Our Indigenous Patient Circle has defined their mission as follows: "Indigenous partners empowering wholistic approaches to wellness"

This group has also identified the research priorities for the Indigenous Patient Circle and our Network to further address the most important diabetes-related health challenges for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.  These include:

  1. Community diabetes education - develop a diabetes educator course that is community friendly to train community members who can deliver community-friendly diabetes information;
  2. Community needs survey - identify what community members want to know or wish to learn about diabetes via research using different processes (i.e. on-line survey, Facebook survey, student home visits, etc.);
  3. Have youth educating other youth about the basics of living with diabetes (type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes) through classroom and school visits;
  4. Sponsor the Kairos Blanket Exercise for the next Diabetes Action Canada meeting in 2020, to educate participants on the history of relations between Indigenous Peoples and Canada;
  5. Build and nurture partnerships with the Indigenous Patient Circle and National Aboriginal Diabetes Association, Diabetes Canada and regional Indigenous health organizations (IHDC, BCFNHA, FNQLHSSC, etc.); and,
  6. Develop a video of youth stories (in alliance with IYMP).

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