Innovations in Type 1 Diabetes

Connect1d Canada is a patient-driven digital platform that allows those with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to easily learn about innovative treatments from across Canada, while contributing to research in the areas that matter most to them.

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The Connect1d Canada Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) supports decisions related to how the Connect1d project is managed, how participants and staff are protected, and how accountability is assured. As Connect1d grows, the CPAC ensures the project meets the needs of the T1D community.

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Building a network of researchers and clinicians working in T1D to create a collaborative research consortium to design patient-oriented research projects and leverage new funding opportunities

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Patient-Oriented Clinical Research

Co-creating research questions and approaches with people living with T1D

Clinical Research Recruiting

Optimising recruitment for clinical trials through our Canadian Network of Researchers and Clinicians in T1D

Published Research

Innovative research recently published in T1D

T1D News

News in T1D research in Canada

Digital Research Networks

Connecting expertise across Canada to advance research and patient-oriented research in T1D

Patient Stories

Learning from the patient narrative to direct research toward meaningful outcomes

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