Jane Yardley

Degrees, Title/Position:
Associate Professor, Augustana - Social Sciences, University of Alberta and Member, Women and Children's Health Research Institute.
Adjunct Appointment, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation, University of Alberta
Member, Alberta Diabetes Institute


Jane completed her postdoc training in the McGavock Laboratory at U Manitoba.  Her research focus is exercise and dysglycemia with a particular interest in women’s health relative to the menstrual cycle and menopause.  She has been engaged in patient partner driven work on the co-design of trials for physical activity for young people living with T1 diabetes.  She is an expert in sex and gender relative to exercise and T1 diabetes and has received grants from the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Alberta and the Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute.  Jane is a co-PI on the JDRF application and will be a key investigator for the next wave of clinical trials focused on physical activity and health outcomes for persons living with T1 diabetes.

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