Julie Gilmour

Degrees, Title/Position:
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Endocrinologist, St. Michael’s Hospital

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Digital Health to Improve Diabetes Care


Julie completed her medical degree in 2010 at the University of Birmingham, UK, followed by her internal medicine residency at Queen’s University and endocrinology residency at the University of Toronto. In 2016, she received a Master’s of Science in Healthcare Quality from Queen’s University. Julie joined the Department of Endocrinology at St. Michael’s Hospital in 2017 as a clinician in quality and innovation.

Julie has been involved in a project aimed at creating and implementing a Diabetes Balanced Scorecard and is currently working on an initiative intended to improve the rate of CFRD screening at St. Michael’s Hospital. Julie is a member of the insulin oversight committee at St. Michael’s Hospital and the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre QUEST Committee.

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