It is not enough to simply do research and present the findings to scientific colleagues —you must also find a way to translate what you have learned to both those who can implement it and the end user. Ensuring successful, large-scale uptake within health care programs requires the skills of knowledge translation experts. This is why knowledge translation and evaluation are so important to the work of Diabetes Action Canada. Our dedicated research team understands the science of knowledge translation and works with our research programs to help navigate their projects from concept to uptake. Over the last four years, they have consulted with multiple Diabetes Action Canada teams, including the Aging Community and Population group to support the success of their projects. They have also taken on a significant role in educating research teams and Patient Partners about the need for knowledge translation, including conducting an environmental scan of useful resources to prevent diabetes complications that can be used by both health care providers and those living with diabetes.


France Légaré

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