Knowledge Translation- Mission

Knowledge Translation (KT)

Co-Investigators:  Joyce Dogba, Monika Kastner, Helene Lee-Goselin, Lori McCallum, Monica Parry, Mary-Claude Tremblay, Holly Witteman, Catherine Yu

Our Mission

The Knowledge Translation (KT) Enabling Program, under the co-leadership of Sophie Desroches and France Légaré, has established an integrated program with Diabetes Action Canada with the main objective to facilitate the application of research findings into healthcare practices. Our team supports members of Diabetes Action Canada for contributing to science and practice on how to better move knowledge into practice.

Improve the knowledge base on patient‐oriented KT research in diabetes and its related complications.

Develop strategic partnerships with different stakeholders to disseminate the work done by Diabetes Action Canada members.

To facilitate the support for new models of care that will result in better outcomes and a better experience for individuals living with diabetes.
Co-Lead: France Légaré, Sophie Desroches


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