Learning from researcher and clinicians to build a digital patient engagement network

Diabetes Action Canada has undergone an intensive planning exercise to build a Canadian specific T1D digital patient engagement network. After reflecting on the outcomes of this planning exercise, including a full day workshop with people living with T1D, we have re-evaluated our approach to reaching patients to include a digital community for both people living with and working for those with T1D.

This renewed project is co-lead by Drs. Shivani Goyal and Peter Senior and has already begun gathering patient feedback to define a precise and feasible value proposition for those living with T1D.  We are now reaching out to researchers and clinicians in T1D to participate in a very short 2 minute survey to ensure that the future design of a digital patient engagement network creates unparalleled value for researchers and ultimately for those living with T1D.

The survey will seek to understand the challenges that researchers face in recruiting for and designing research studies, and the ways in which a digital patient engagement network may contribute to solving these challenges.

The overall mission of this project is to design a novel approach to ACCELERATE RESEARCH in T1D, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of individuals with this condition.

Thank-you in advance for your support and we look forward to learning from you.

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