Martin Sénéchal

Degrees, Title/Position:
Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick
Co-Director, Cardiometabolic Exercise Lifestyle Laboratory (CELLAB)

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
POR Training & Mentoring


Dr. Sénéchal’s research interests focus on the impact of physical activity and exercise training on cardiometabolic health in individuals living with obesity. More specifically, his research program encompasses three pillars. The first pillar aims to understand why some people living with obesity experience benefits from exercise while other do not display these benefits from the same exercise intervention.  A better understanding of these predictors as well as the mechanism of such an exercise response will help designing appropriates intervention for people living with obesity. The second pillar aims to identify predictors and understand why some people living with obesity remain healthy despite high adiposity levels. Therefore, understanding different obesity phenotype might offer a more comprehensive way to manage cardiometabolic health. The third pillar aims to develop community programs to increase physical activity among individuals, especially obese youth.

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