Monica Parry

Degrees, Title/Position:
Associate Professor, Nurse Practitioner Field of Study, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing-University of Toronto

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Co-Investigator: Knowledge Translation


Dr. Monica Parry is a Nurse Practitioner (Adult) with over 30 years of cardiovascular (CV) clinical experience. Her clinical expertise has laid the foundation for a program of research to reduce the burden of CV disease and its complications. Dr. Parry is a member of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre and is Core Faculty and a Collaborating Investigator with the Collaborative Program in Resuscitation Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. She is interested in sex and gender issues and is currently leading a research team to develop and test HEARTPA♀N: An Integrated Smartphone and Web-Based Intervention for Women with Cardiac Pain. Dr. Parry has received advanced training from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to engage patients as partners in health research and is currently funded (CIHR) with Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) to develop a toolkit/decision resource for patient partners, researchers and clinicians.

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