The Operations/Management Committee is composed of 16 Principal Investigators (PIs) including the Co-Scientific Leads and an Executive of the Goal Group Leads. This committee is responsible for advising the Scientific Co-Leads and the SPOR Network management on all activities of the Network. All research and management activities are brought forward to this committee, chaired by Gary Lewis who, in turn, reports to the Steering Council. The terms of the Committee are guided by the logic model approved by the CIHR to measure progress and performance of the SPOR Networks. This committee meets bi-monthly to review and decide on the priority activities of this SPOR Network.

Networking among Investigators across Goals Groups within Diabetes Action Canada is necessary to optimize collaborative integration and efficiency. The Co-Scientific Leads and Goal Group Leads work together with their counterparts in the other SPOR Networks in collaboration with provincial SPOR SUPPORT Units and the CIHR SPOR Program.


Members of the Operations/Management Committee