Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Early Career Investigator Mentorship Award in Diabetes and its Complications 2017-2018

By admin - April 7, 2017 12:30 pm

Diabetes Action Canada is launching its first Intercentre Mentorship award for early career investigators interested in Patient-Oriented Research (POR) in diabetes and its complications. The goal of this award is to promote networking and optimal integration of early career investigators into the Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) Network and the Canadian diabetes research community. Up to two (2) annual mentorship awards will be awarded to early career investigators to work with an internal mentor and an external mentor. The internal mentor will be affiliated to the same research centre as the early career investigator. The external mentor will be affiliated with a different research centre from that of the early career investigator. At least one mentor will be a regular member of the DAC Network. Mentors who are not PIs or Co-Is of the DAC must become DAC members before the allocation of funds.

Eligibility criteria and methods of evaluation are described below. Successful candidates will receive financial support of a maximum of $10,000 for a one-year period to support their intercentre scientific activities.


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Application Form – Diabetes Action Canada Mentorship Award