Rose Yeung

Degrees, Title/Position:
MPH (Clinical Effectiveness), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2013
MD, University of Alberta, 2007
BSc (Honors Pharmacology), University of Alberta, 2003

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Co-Investigator-Digital Health to Improve Diabetes Care


Rose Yeung is a clinical endocrinologist with special interests in improving diabetes care delivery with peer support, community health workers and improved educational resources. She received the following awards; Outstanding Health Care Professional, Diabetes Canada, 2017, Diabetes Junior Investigator Gold, AstraZeneca Canada, 2016, and Vivian Fonseca Scholar, American Diabetes Association, 2015.  Her aim is to develop interventions for preventing and reducing the burden of gestational diabetes, improving outcomes for those with type 1 diabetes and assessing the impacts and treatments of young-onset type 2 diabetes.

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