Serge Dumont

Degrees, Title/Position:
Professor, School of Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences, Université Laval
Scientific Director, CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale
Researcher, Équipe de Recherche Michel-Sarrazin en Oncologie psychosociale et Soins palliatifs (ERMOS)

Goal Groups/Integration Themes:
Digital Health to Improve Diabetes Care


Specializing in the field of palliative care, Dr. Dumont’s work is part of the movement towards humanized palliative care, where he directed one of the first major cohort studies on psychological distress experienced by the loved ones accompanying an end-of-life patient.  His research is focused specifically on continuity of care, the economic burden, ethics, the experience of families caring for end-of-life loved ones and social policy analysis.

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