Sex and Gender Integration: THE ESSENTIAL METRICS

Sex and Gender Integration: THE ESSENTIAL METRICS

Through an iterative three-stage process, our team created a set of metrics – The Essential Metrics for Assessing Sex & Gender Integration in Health Research Proposals Involving Human Participants – to aid both researchers developing proposals and those reviewing proposals, assess the quality of sex and gender integration.


  • The relevance of sex and gender differ depending on the project (more focused on biological or sociocultural factors?)
  • Metrics are equally useful in study proposals that focus on both sex and gender, or either sex or gender
  • Not all elements of the metrics are applicable to all research studies/designs
  • The term sex/gender in the metrics is used as shorthand for “and/or” depending on applicability in study under review

Our metrics have been embraced by central funding bodies like the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)’s College of Reviewers, as well as the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Health System Research Fund.

To download a copy of the metrics please click here.

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