Sharing our stories and successes

Sharing our stories and success

As the Diabetes Action Canada programs have grown, we have found a need to develop more and better ways to share our findings and ensure that people with diabetes are aware of and understand the value of Diabetes Action Canada’s achievements.

While we have had numerous papers on our work published in peer-reviewed scientific journals over the last four years, we have also found ways to share our stories through feature articles on our website, webinars that allow our research teams and Patient Partners to discuss their projects, workshops with partners and our new podcast series, Actions on Diabetes.

“Citizen science” has also emerged as an important element of disseminating the knowledge gained through the research process. Among these patient-led projects, our Indigenous Patient Circle members are planning to create a series of videos that will feature interviews with Indigenous people living with diabetes in order to help others understand their experience.

Our Patient Partners have also shown a deep interest in actively planning research questions, an effort that can bring extensive value to research projects. In order to demonstrate this value, our Patient Engagement Program received funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research Catalyst Project competition to identify patient-derived research questions that can be answered using our National Diabetes Repository.

And our Collective Patient Circle has launched a ‘Dos and Don’ts’ Committee for Patient Engagement based on the experiences of our Patient Partners. They have developed a resource the captures tips to better support the relationship between research teams and patients who are engaged in research.  This can be found here under patient engagement resources.


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