Webinars – Training and Mentoring

Patients as Partners in Research

Diabetes Action Canada, a SPOR Network in chronic disease, speaks to the BC Diabetes Research Network to provide examples of diabetes related research patient engagement. The workshop provides trainees with an opportunity to have their questions about how to incorporate POR in their research design.
David Wells, Patient Partner
Monica Parry, Associate Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing-University of Toronto
Tracy McQuire, Manager Research Operations, Diabetes Action Canada
Moderated by Krista Lamb

Beyond Banting: From insulin to islet transplants, Canada’s ongoing contribution to diabetes research

On Wednesday April 20th, Diabetes Action Canada was privileged to introduce one of it's own, Krista Lamb to discuss her first book - - Beyond Banting: From insulin to islet transplants, Canada's ongoing contribution to diabetes research


  1. Raise awareness of the achievements Canadian diabetes researchers have made;
  2. Share stories about the research process that go beyond the data;
  3. Provide information on research projects that may spark ideas or opportunities for collaboration.

Refocusing your efforts – Developing and implementing your career strategy

Thursday, January 21st from 11:30 – 1:00 EST

There is a rising interest in leadership, mentorship, and personal growth across the health sector. Evidence-based strategies can help us move beyond navigating our careers to take control over our influence, advancement, and overall trajectory. This session (in English) will help participants reflect on what matters, define their goals, and create a framework to navigate their career.

Speaker biography – Laura Desveaux 

Laura is an implementation scientist and a former recipient of the DAC Mentorship Award. Her work draws on behavioural psychology and implementation science to conduct policy-oriented evaluations of complex health interventions that aim to optimize care. To understand what makes an initiative successful and how to scale it, her team examines how and why things work, or the process and mechanisms of change and the contextual factors that characterize success (and failure). She is passionate about bridging the evidence to practice gap not only in healthcare, but in individual and collective performance improvement and professional development. Laura is also the founder and Executive Director of Women Who Lead: https://women-who-lead.com/ an organization dedicated to support the career advancement and leadership development of women in the health sector.

Research Spotlight – Training and Mentoring

Continuing with our September webinar series, we are highlighting more work from the Training and Mentoring Program and our awardees and trainees. Topics and speakers include:

  • Personal Impact Story: Sasha Delorme 
  • Keep it Going! Sustaining and spreading quality improvement interventions
    • Presented by: Celia Laur
  • How sugar affects fat in the blood and risk of heart disease
    • Presented by: Priska Stahel
  • Insights into impact of Tele-retina screening for diabetic retinopathy among those who identify as women of low socio-economic status (SES) Multimethod qualitative study
    • Presented by: Aleksandra Stanimirovic
  • Quantifying type 2 diabetes risk in pregnant women
    • Presented by: Stephanie Read

*Moderated by: Tracy McQuire

The slides for this webinar in both English and French can be found here

Diabetes Action Canada is thrilled to restart its highly successful webinar series.  For September, we will highlight the Training and Mentoring Program and the work of our awardees and trainees. Topics and speakers include:

  • Personal Impact Story: Tom Weisz
  • Implementation of the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program
    • Presented by: Frances Sobierajski
  • Exploring the feasibility of a mobile health application for management and follow up of women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
    • Presented by: Bhavadharini Balaji
  • How knowledge exchange of primary care research can benefit diabetes individuals: a qualitative study
    • Presented by: Francesca Brundisini

*Moderated by: Tracy McQuire

The slides for this webinar in both English and French can be found here

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