Dr. Val Rac and Ryan Hooey participate in Diabetes Canada Webinar

13 January 2023
Recently, Diabetes Action Canada’s Dr. Val Rac and Patient Partner Ryan Hooey appeared on a Diabetes Canada webinar presentation about diabetic retinopathy and sight loss. The webinar, hosted by Brooks Roche, discusses the importance of annual screening and talks about the Diabetes Action Canada diabetic retinopathy screening program, which Dr. Rac is leading. Watch the […]

Dr. Cindy Bell to lead Diabetes Action Canada’s Steering Council

31 October 2022
By Krista Lamb In October 2022, Dr. Cindy Bell became the new Chair of the Diabetes Action Canada Steering Council. Dr. Bell is an accomplished scientist and the parent of two now adult daughters with type 1 diabetes. She has been an advocate and ally for the diabetes community for more than thirty years. Dr. […]

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Diabetes Canada Provides Funding Support for Knowledge Mobilization Program

16 August 2022
As we move into phase two of Diabetes Action Canada, the Network has a clear goal of translating the research and learnings from our first phase into understandable and implementable deliverables that aim to better support those living with diabetes in Canada. To further this, we are pleased to announce funding support from Diabetes Canada […]

New publication from the Sex and Gender program

15 August 2022
By Krista Lamb A new paper from the lab of Dr. Robin Mason of our Sex and Gender team has been published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes. The paper, Exploring the lived experience of diabetes through an intersectional lens: A qualitative study of adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, takes and in-depth […]

National Diabetes Repository Facilitates Research on Drug Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes

8 August 2022
By Krista Lamb New research led by Dr. Darren Lau at the University of Alberta uses data from Diabetes Action Canada’s National Diabetes Repository to look at whether people with type 2 diabetes should have access to newer drug therapies. The results of this study have been published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes. “There […]

Diabetes Action Canada 2.0 Launches!

5 August 2022
  Diabetes Action Canada’s next phase is launching, with exciting new programs and plans that will take the learnings from the last six years and begin the process of implementing them to improve health outcomes. This second stage is made possible thanks to a new round of funding from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research […]

Diabetes Action Canada Research Published in Nature Medicine

30 June 2022
Exciting new research from the Drs. Bruce Perkins and Ahmad Haidar labs has been published in Nature Medicine. This project looks at how a combination therapy could have the potential to improve blood sugar control and the performance of an artificial pancreas. The paper, “Empagliflozin add-on therapy to closed-loop insulin delivery in type 1 diabetes: […]

Dr. Gary Lewis Receives the 2022 ADA Edwin Bierman Award

6 June 2022
By Krista Lamb On June 6, Dr. Gary Lewis, Scientific Co-Lead for Diabetes Action Canada, and outgoing Director of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, received the 2022 Edwin Bierman Award from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). This award is presented to a researcher who has made outstanding scientific contributions to the understanding and treatment […]

ULTRA Scientists Day (ULtimate Trainee Retreat to Advance Scientists Day)

18 May 2022
The Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) Training and Mentoring Program and Diabetes Canada in collaboration with The Canadian Islet Research and Training Network (CIRTN), The Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP), the Empowering Next-generation Researchers in perinatal and Child Health (ENRICH) and the Maximize your Research on Obesity and Diabetes (myROaD) training platforms are excited […]

Islet Biologists Work with Patient Partners on New Publication

17 May 2022
By Krista Lamb While the involvement of people living with diabetes has become a critical and effective part of the research process in recent years, it is still not the norm in basic or fundamental research. This is the sort of lab-based research that looks at the physiological aspects of diabetes, such as cells and […]

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