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Trainees are integral to Diabetes Action Canada’s mission as the future leaders driving patient-oriented research in diabetes. Guided by top researchers in the field across Canada, our trainee members contribute significantly to our Network, leading innovative approaches to patient partnership, knowledge mobilization, and engagement with policymakers. Their efforts ensure that research outcomes are not only relevant and meaningful but also swiftly translated into action within communities and beyond.

“As part of our network, trainee members gain access to invaluable networking opportunities, skill development programs, and funding avenues offered through our partners such as MyRoad, Passerelle, CMDO and others.”

By fostering collaboration and resource-sharing within our diverse community of patient partners, researchers, clinicians, and health care practitioners, trainees are empowered to thrive and make impactful contributions to the advancement of diabetes patient-oriented research.

Become a Member

  • Listing on the Diabetes Action Canada Website and networking with researchers and patients with common interest in the treatment and prevention of diabetes complications

  • Opportunity to collaborate on Diabetes Action Canada projects

  • Receives Newsletters and News-blasts from the Scientific Co-Leads from Diabetes Action Canada

Trainee List

Gael Precieux Ayihounton

Jamie Boisvenue

Créscence Joëlle Mefou Tasong

Charles Racine

Shohinee Sarma

Sara Scott

Olha Svyntozelska

Meryem Talbo

Abdoulaye Thiaw