Diabetic Foot Care and Prevention of Lower Limb Amputations

Diabetic Foot Care and Prevention of Lower Limb Amputations

What We Do

Working together to prevent lower limb amputations and better understand the best ways to do this. This includes projects to determine the economic burden of diabetic foot ulcers, and looking at ways to prevent lower limb amputations through chiropody-led community based interventions to treat and prevent diabetic foot ulcers.

Get Involved

You will participate in discussions approximately once a month pertaining to research projects and strategic goals of the Network. You can also get involved in a research team! Researchers need your feedback to make sure research projects are relevant for people living with diabetes.

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New study from Diabetes Action Canada researcher highlights increase in diabetes-related amputation in Ontario

  Recently, a study led by Diabetes Action Canada researcher Charles de Mestral from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto was released in CMAJ. This study shows lower-limb amputation rates for those with diabetes in Ontario are rising, which highlights the need for improvements in care and access to resources in order to slow this progression. […]

The Economic Burden of Inpatient Treatment of Foot Ulcers in People with Diabetes is Unacceptable

  By Krista Lamb The cost of treating foot ulcers in people with diabetes continues to be incredibly high. A new study from Diabetes Action Canada researchers Drs. Mohammed Al-Omran and Charles de Mestral, shows that the cost for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers in Toronto hospitals is more than double that of the top […]

Dr Charles De Mestral Receives an Ontario Early Career Researcher Award

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Congratulations to Dr Charles de Mestral for being awarded an Ontario Early Researcher Award (ERA) for his proposal entitled: Regional Foot Core and Amputation Prevention Pathways For All Ontarians. Dr. de Mestral is a Surgeon-scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital & Unity Health Toronto and an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of […]

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Amputation Prevention

On episode four, Patient Partner Tom Weisz and Dr. Charles de Mestral discuss the work being done by the Diabetes Action Canada foot care and amputation prevention team, which is looking at community-based approaches to improving treatments and avoiding lower limb amputations.

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