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Digital Health Solutions for Learning Health Systems

Digital Health Solutions for Learning Health Systems

What We Do

  • Show how the use of primary care data to understand trends in diabetes health can foster collaboration between researchers and people with diabetes.
  • Develop a data repository that can identify high-risk patient populations and facilitate shared decision-making based on clinical practice guidelines, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.
  • Highlight the ways we can improve diabetes care and prevent the complications of diabetes by analyzing and comparing population health data from trusted, secure national and international sources.

Access the National Diabetes Repository HERE

Our Research

The National Diabetes Repository and its data governance committees are necessary components of the Diabetes Action Canada digital health strategy and provide an unprecedented opportunity for managing diabetes and its related complications.

Get Involved

You will participate in discussions approximately once a month pertaining to research projects and strategic goals of the Network. You can also get involved in a research team! Researchers need your feedback to make sure research projects are relevant for people living with diabetes.

Our Team

Conrad Pow

Joseph Cafazzo

PhD PEng

Kylie Peacock

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Older Adults with Diabetes

Older Adults with Diabetes

Providing individualized solutions that help more people live longer, healthier lives with diabetes while avoiding complications.