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Our Network consists of a diverse team of patient partners, researchers, diabetes specialists, primary care practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, data specialists, and health policy experts committed to improving the lives of persons living with diabetes.

Recent News

New Knowledge Mobilization Tools and Consultation Service Available

17 March 2023
 Our Knowledge Mobilization (KM) team is pleased to launch two new resources for Diabetes Action Canada’s community as part of our DAC 2.0 KM Plan.  “WHAT is Knowledge Mobilization and WHY it matters”, is the first in a series of 5 short videos that describe the basics of knowledge mobilization in simple, straightforward language. Watch the video […]

New Article from CIHR Highlights DAC Indigenous Patient Circle

16 March 2023
A recent article from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) shares highlights from the work of the Diabetes Action Canada Indigenous Patient Circle and the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program (IYMP). The article includes interviews with Dr. Jon McGavock and Patient Partner Sasha Delorme, who highlight the work they are doing to improve outcomes for […]

Odds are there is a woman in your life living with diabetes – she deserves better research

15 March 2023
In March, Laura Syron, President & CEO of Diabetes Canada, published an op-ed in Healthy Debate looking at the need for increased research on diabetes in women. As she writes, “Women deserve better, including more thoughtfully designed clinical and research studies, particularly when it comes to chronic conditions.” Visit the Healthy Debate website now to […]


Living and Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes

Living and Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes

From celebrated athletes to health care dynamos and everyone in between, there are a range of people not just living with type 1 diabetes, but also thriving. Jen Hanson, Executive Director of Connected in Motion and a person living with diabetes shares the community perspective of an active life with T1D. Oria James, Volunteer Researcher at World Health Organization & Cofounder of the Canadian College Diabetes Network, who also lives with T1D, brings her perspective on how to excel in post-secondary education while living with diabetes.


Researching ways to manage hypoglycemia

Researching ways to manage hypoglycemia

In episode six, Dr. Anne-Sophie Brazeau and Nathalie Kinnard discuss the BETTER registry and the research they are doing in Quebec to help people with T1D manage or prevent hypoglycemia.

Diabetes and Homelessness

Diabetes and Homelessness

Episode one features an interview with Patient Partner Anna DiGiandomenico and University of Calgary researcher Dr. David Campbell who discuss their work on a research program that’s shedding light on the impact of homelessness on diabetes treatment and care.

Diabetes Action Canada part of new ACT Canada Consortium

4 March 2023
In January, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) announced funding for the Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT) Canada Consortium, which will improve Canada’s ability to conduct clinical trials for therapies that could have a positive impact on health outcomes for Canadians. ACT brings together hundreds of researchers over 28 networks, 11 clinical trial units, Patient […]

Dr. Val Rac and Ryan Hooey participate in Diabetes Canada Webinar

13 January 2023
Recently, Diabetes Action Canada’s Dr. Val Rac and Patient Partner Ryan Hooey appeared on a Diabetes Canada webinar presentation about diabetic retinopathy and sight loss. The webinar, hosted by Brooks Roche, discusses the importance of annual screening and talks about the Diabetes Action Canada diabetic retinopathy screening program, which Dr. Rac is leading. Watch the […]

Dr. Cindy Bell to lead Diabetes Action Canada’s Steering Council

31 October 2022
By Krista Lamb In October 2022, Dr. Cindy Bell became the new Chair of the Diabetes Action Canada Steering Council. Dr. Bell is an accomplished scientist and the parent of two now adult daughters with type 1 diabetes. She has been an advocate and ally for the diabetes community for more than thirty years. Dr. […]

Facts on Diabetes

  • A diabetes diagnosis occurs every 3 minutes in Canada

  • Over 3 Million Canadians have diabetes and millions more are at risk of developing diabetes

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working-age Canadians

  • Diabetes and its complications cost the health care system $27 billion in 2018

  • Up to half of Canadian Indigenous Adolescents have multiple risk factors for type-2 diabetes


Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

Ensuring that research results are shared effectively with those who can implement them and with end users.
Indigenous Peoples Health

Indigenous Peoples Health

Building programs and capacity in the respectful engagement of Indigenous people in patient-oriented research.
Older Adults with Diabetes

Older Adults with Diabetes

Providing individualized solutions that help more people live longer, healthier lives with diabetes while avoiding complications.

Get Involved

Become a Patient Partner

Become a Patient Partner

Diabetes Action Canada aims to integrate the patient perspective into every step of the research process including developing research questions, defining research objectives, collecting data and evaluating results; however, while some patients have the readiness to contribute as full members of research teams, others may bring a range of expertise such as in ethics or as knowledge brokers.
Become an Associate Member

Become an Associate Member

For individuals appointed to a university, academic hospital or research institute who are engaged in diabetes-related research and interested in contributing to the mission and vision of Diabetes Action Canada. Learn about how you can become an Associate Member!


Our partners share in our mission to transform the health outcomes of people with diabetes and its related complications. Industry stakeholders have the opportunity to partner with Diabetes Action Canada, the first and only nation-wide collaborative network focused on the prevention of diabetes complications, and play an active role in achieving our goals.

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