Diabetes Action Canada is a Strategic Patient Oriented Research (SPOR)
Network in Diabetes and its Related Complications, part of the Canadian Institutes
of Health Research (CIHR) SPOR Program in Chronic Disease.

Our mission is to transform the health outcomes of people living with diabetes and its related
complications. It will facilitate important and meaningful connections between patients,
their primary healthcare providers, and specialists to improve
health care with significant cost savings for the health system.


Living with Diabetes

Living with Diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes?
Join our community today and help develop better solutions in partnership
with Canada's top diabetes researchers and scientists.

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Meet our national network of investigators and partners.
Learn about our research and projects that are transforming diabetes care and helping prevent related complications

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The first and only nation-wide collaborative network of clinicians, researchers,
disease associations, industry and government in partnership with people living
with diabetes, focused on the prevention of diabetes complications.
Learn how you and your organization can respond to this call
for action to transform lives.

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