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Indigenous Peoples Health

Indigenous Peoples Health

What We Do

  • Support the Indigenous Patient Circle as they:
    • Promote wellness culture;
    • Address disparities in diabetes care;
    • Promote Indigenous healing practices;
    • Increase the number of Indigenous trainees in diabetes research; and
    • Provide anti-racism training for settler clinicians
  • Develop Indigenous-led resources that amplify the perspectives of Indigenous youth with diabetes. These resources enhance understanding of their struggles and strengths, and spread diabetes knowledge and awareness among other Indigenous youth and their healthcare providers.
  • Build capacity for the respectful engagement of Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities in patient-oriented research through an anti-racism training program for all diabetes healthcare providers.
  • Grow the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program (IYMP) to empower even more Indigenous youth. IYMP promotes well-being and encourages a holistic approach to living the good way by building resilience and self-agency.

Get Involved

You will participate in discussions approximately once a month pertaining to research projects and strategic goals of the Network. You can also get involved in a research team! Researchers need your feedback to make sure research projects are relevant for people living with diabetes.

Our Team

Malcolm King


Jon McGavock


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