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Governance and Management

Governance and Management

Steering Council

The Steering Council is the highest level of governance composed of 12 members, plus the chair, of which 6 are persons living with diabetes or patient representatives. The Co-Scientific Leads are responsible for reporting to the Steering Council.

POR Program Committee

The Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Program Committee is composed of the Principal Applicants and Principal Knowledge Users, including the Co-Scientific Leads and the Research Program Leads. This committee is responsible for advising the Scientific Co-Leads and the SPOR Network management on all activities of the Network. This committee meets monthly and is meant to ensure continual communication, relationship-building, collaboration and synergy among our key leaders

To ensure that Diabetes Action Canada – CIHR SPOR Network meets all standards established by CIHR, a governance structure has been established as indicated below.

Governance Portal

If you have access to the governance portal select the following link.

Strategic Planning Portal

If you have access to the strategic planning portal select the following link.