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Research to Action Fellowship

Research to Action Fellowship

Program Overview

Embark on a transformative nine-month journey with our inaugural Research to Action Fellowship, running from March to November 2024. This unique program is designed for individuals with a personal connection to diabetes, offering an opportunity to turn their experiences into powerful advocacy and knowledge mobilization. Whether you’re new to patient partnership in diabetes research or an experienced advocate, this fellowship will equip you with the tools to make a significant impact in the diabetes community.
Deadline extended! Apply by March 22, 2024 11:59 EST

Why Join?

Empowerment and Skill Development

Acquire the confidence and skills to translate complex diabetes research into practical, accessible information. Learn effective communication strategies, digital content creation, and advocacy for policy change.

Financial Remuneration and Conference Expenses

Receive a stipend of $3,000 for your participation over the program’s duration. Additionally, all expenses for attending key events like the DAC Workshop and Diabetes Canada Conference will be covered.

Networking Opportunities

Build lasting relationships with a diverse community of healthcare leaders, researchers, and fellow advocates. These connections extend beyond the program, offering ongoing support and collaboration opportunities.

Hands-On Experience and Community Impact

Take part in real-world projects that contribute significantly to diabetes care and education. Your work will help transform lives and enhance understanding of diabetes management.

Professional Growth and Recognition

Enhance your career prospects with a certificate of completion and a Fellowship Experience Communication Toolkit, designed to help you effectively articulate your fellowship experience on resumes, LinkedIn, interviews, and more. Presenting at national conferences will elevate your professional profile in the field of diabetes advocacy and research.

Skill Development

Master the art of translating complex diabetes research into practical, accessible information. Learn effective communication strategies, digital content creation, and advocacy for policy change.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse community, including healthcare leaders, researchers, and fellow advocates. Build lasting relationships that extend beyond the program.

Hands-On Experience

Engage in real-world projects that directly contribute to improving diabetes care and understanding.

Program Structure

Fellowship Duration:

March 2024 – November 2024

Collaborative Projects:

Work on impactful projects with partner organizations.

Comprehensive Training:

Sessions covering research interpretation, communication, advocacy, and more.

Key Events:

Present your work at the DAC Workshop and Diabetes Canada Conference.

Who Can Join?

General Eligibility

The program is open to anyone with a personal connection to diabetes, whether through personal diagnosis or supporting someone with the condition. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to apply.

Technical Requirements

Access to a computer with stable internet connection and Zoom.

Age and Residency

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and reside in Canada.

SIN Requirement

Successful applicants will be required to provide their Social Insurance Number (SIN) for the purpose of receiving remuneration.

Reserved Spots for Indigenous Individuals

To support Indigenous health, 2 out of the 8 spots in this year’s cohort are reserved for Indigenous individuals with a personal connection to diabetes. This is in line with one of our key projects focusing on Indigenous health and diabetes, in partnership with an Indigenous-led organization.

Application Process


February 12th – March 22, 2024 11:59 EST


Attend our informational session on February 21st, 2024. This session will be recorded and made available for those who cannot attend live. The recording will be accessible after the webinar and until the application deadline on February 27, 2024.

Webinar Registration

To participate in the live webinar, please register here.

Join Us!

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the diabetes community? Apply Now to start your journey with us and be a part of this groundbreaking program.

Project Examples

As this is our inaugural program, the following are hypothetical examples of projects that fellows might undertake:

Digital Storytelling

Create a series of blog posts or social media content that highlights personal stories of diabetes management, aiming to inspire and educate the wider community.

Infographic on Nutrition and Diabetes

Develop an engaging infographic that simplifies dietary guidelines for diabetes management, tailored for different cultural cuisines.
people dancing

Bhangra Dance for Blood Sugar Management

Fellows could collaborate with community centres in Southeast Asian neighbourhoods to organize Bhangra dancing classes. These classes would not only promote physical activity but also educate participants about managing blood sugar at home. Fellows would be responsible for creating promotional materials, organizing the event, and presenting their findings at the Diabetes Canada Conference.


Who is eligible to apply for the Knowledge Mobilization Fellowship?
Anyone with personal or caregiving experience related to any type of diabetes is eligible. You don’t need to be a pre-existing patient partner with Diabetes Action Canada.
What is the deadline for the fellowship application?

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 EST March 12, 2024.

What does the fellowship program involve?
The program includes training sessions on knowledge mobilization, communications, and advocacy, monthly meetings with DAC staff and partner organizations, peer mentorship opportunities, and participation in key events like the DAC workshop and the Diabetes Canada Conference.
Are there any specific requirements for technology or equipment?
Participants will need access to a computer and internet for the duration of the program to attend online sessions and meetings.
Will I be compensated for my participation in the program?
Yes, fellows will be compensated for their time and contributions. Details regarding compensation will be provided upon selection.
Can I fit the fellowship program into my work or school schedule?
Yes, the program is designed to be flexible. As long as you can commit to attending two monthly meetings and dedicate approximately 10-15 hours a month, it can be balanced with work or school commitments. We value a mix of work, school, and diverse lived experiences.
What is the role of partner organizations in the fellowship?
Partner organizations collaborate on project themes, provide mentorship, and co-create knowledge mobilization products with fellows. They also participate in events like the DAC workshop.
Are there any mandatory events I must attend?
Yes, fellows are expected to attend the DAC workshop in Toronto (May 30-31, 2024) and the Diabetes Canada Conference in Halifax (November 20-23, 2024). Expenses for these events will be covered.
What outcomes can I expect from participating in the fellowship?
Fellows will gain invaluable skills in knowledge mobilization, network with key stakeholders, and contribute to impactful projects. The experience aims to enhance visibility and impact in the diabetes community.
How can I learn more about the program before applying?
We will host a “meet the team and live FAQ” webinar session on January 30th. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get more information about the program.
Do I need any prior research experience to participate in the fellowship?
Prior research experience is not required. The program is designed to equip fellows with the necessary skills and knowledge in knowledge mobilization, regardless of their background.
How can my unique skills contribute to the fellowship?
Whatever your skills or background, there’s a place for you in the fellowship. We value diverse perspectives and skills, as they enrich the program and the projects we work on.
Are there opportunities to work on projects specifically related to my type of diabetes?
Absolutely. The program aims to cover a wide range of topics within diabetes care and management, and we encourage projects that are personally relevant to our fellows.
Can I participate in the program remotely, or is travel required?
Most of the program activities, including training sessions and meetings, can be attended remotely. Travel is required for specific events like the DAC workshop and the Diabetes Canada Conference, with expenses covered by the program.
What kind of support will I receive during the fellowship?
You will receive comprehensive training, mentorship, and guidance throughout the program. This includes sessions on various topics related to diabetes care and management, as well as ongoing support from DAC staff and experienced patient partners.
How are applications evaluated for the Knowledge Mobilization Fellowship?
Applications are evaluated using a detailed scoring system focusing on various criteria, including commitment, teamwork, motivation, and personal growth. We also consider representation of equity-seeking communities. Our evaluation process is transparent and designed to promote diversity and inclusivity.
Do I need to disclose any conflicts of interest?
Yes, applicants are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest in their application. This helps ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation process.
What do I get at the end of the Fellowship?
Each participant will get a certificate of completion. If appropriate letters of reference will also be offered to those interested in using this fellowship to grow their professional expertise.

Join Us!

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the diabetes community? Apply Now to start your journey with us and be a part of this groundbreaking program.