Diabetes Action Canada Governance Policies

Diabetes Action Canada Governance Policies

Governance Policy Handbook

A high-level overview of governance practices of Diabetes Action Canada.

Terms of Reference for Governance Committees

Ensure that the Vision and Mission of the SPOR Network are fulfilled through a strategic, accountable, committed leadership and management functions

Financial Compensation for Patient Partners

Financial compensation demonstrates recognition of the value and worth of the additional expertise brought by the perspectives of Patient partners. Learn about our policy.

Financial Compensation for Community Health Care Practitioner Volunteers

Diabetes Action Canada would like to ensure that health care practitioners, such as community physicians, dietitians, physiotherapists, nutritionist, kinesiologists, pharmacists, etc. who are volunteering to participate in activities required to implement research projects are compensated appropriately for their professional time.

Membership Policy

The following policies define the terms and conditions that constitute the requirement for a co-investment of expertise, resource and service with respect to governance and operational management to deliver the outcomes articulated in our SPOR Network proposal and work plans.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Diabetes Action Canada must meet high ethical standards in order to merit the trust of partners and volunteers, as well as sponsors, donors, governments and the public.

Training and Mentoring Policies

Mentorship and Internship Procedural Plan

Sample Acknowledgements for Publications

View the sample acknowledgements for Diabetes Action Canada funded projects, supported projects, supported trainees and for research using the National Diabetes Repository

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