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Patient Engagement Through an EDI Lens

Patient Engagement Through an EDI Lens

What We Do

  • Cultivate a community of meaningful, diverse, and inclusive engagement with our Patient Partners in all research and network activities.
  • Prioritize equitable and respectful experiences for everyone in the Network, and work tirelessly to ensure that all voices are heard and valued.
  • Together with our Patient Partners, we aim to develop and share tools, methodologies, and programs that promote patient partnership. These resources will be accessible to all members of DAC and will help amplify the voices and perspectives of those living with diabetes in research and Network activities.
  • Initiate and support Patient Partner-led research, which we believe is crucial and transformative in bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to Patient-Oriented Research (POR) projects, and creating meaningful and impactful changes in the lives of those living with diabetes.

Get Involved

You will participate in discussions approximately once a month pertaining to research projects and strategic goals of the Network. You can also get involved in a research team! Researchers need your feedback to make sure research projects are relevant for people living with diabetes.

Our Team

Joyce Dogba

M.D., Ph. D

Holly Witteman


Linxi Mytkolli

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Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

Knowledge Mobilization and Evaluation

Ensuring that research results are shared effectively with those who can implement them and with end users.
Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring

Ensuring patient-oriented research remains top-of-mind by training the next generation to see it as a critical part of their approach to research.