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CMAJ has recently announced CMAJ Open Patient-Oriented Research Collection.

This is an exciting opportunity for patient-oriented researchers as it provides a home for research studies that particularly specify how patients were engaged as part of the research team and how their contributions developed the work.  This group is guided by a steering committee composed of researchers and patients from across Canada and each article considered for the collection will be reviewed by both patient and peer reviewers.

Patient-Oriented research is still an emerging concept that takes time to accumulate an evidence base and to build enough collective knowledge to shape methodology. By creating a dedicated open-access repository for rigorous patient-oriented research, CMAJ Open hopes to provide a platform to answer questions about how best to engage patient partners and evaluate their impact on health research.  This will inform best practice and ultimately put relevant knowledge that matters into the hands of both patients and health professionals who can use it to improve health outcomes.

Already a podcast has been released by CMAJ as part of the Patient-Oriented Collection

Author guidelines for this collection are available as well as guidelines for patient peer reviewers.

If you or someone you know would be willing to review papers for the POR collection, it is a matter of clicking here to ‘Create an Account’, then adding “Patient Oriented Research” to areas of expertise when prompted.  If you are as Patient Partner also add “Patient Reviewer” under areas of expertise.

If you have any questions about eligibility and guidelines, please direct them to CMAJ at


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