Jaime Broja – Remembering our Patient Partner

Jaime Broja

Recently, Diabetes Action Canada lost one of our long-standing Patient Partners.  Jaime Broja was an active member of our community and a passionate advocate for diabetes research.

Jaime was the first Patient Partner for the Diabetes Research Group at the Centre de recherche du CHUS  in Sherbrooke and his involvement helped to shape how that team saw patient partnership. He was a member of Diabetes Action Canada from the very beginning and his contributions were deeply meaningful to our work.

“Jaime was a strong advocate for diabetes research, especially on the prevention of this disease,” says Dr. André Carpentier, the Scientific Director at Centre de recherche du CHUS. “He passed away at home on October 31st, surrounded by his loving wife, his two sons and his daughter. We miss him.”

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