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Knowledge Mobilization Webinars

Knowledge Mobilization

Ensuring successful, large-scale uptake within health care programs requires the skills of knowledge translation experts. This is why knowledge translation and evaluation are so important to the work of Diabetes Action Canada.

Who is Involved in Knowledge Mobilization and Why?

In the second video from our Knowledge Mobilization Basics Series, we look at WHO is involved in Knowledge Mobilization and WHY it is important to include all individuals who will use or be affected by the research results in the real world. We’ll explore how involving these individuals will ensure the best chances of successful knowledge mobilization.

Knowledge Mobilization 101

Knowledge Mobilization Basics. Learn how we move research results to the ‘real world’ so that we can positively improve health systems, how people access these systems and the health of all those living with diabetes in Canada

Knowledge Mobilization

10 December 2021
Knowledge Translation. What is it, why is it important and how do we achieve it?