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André Gaudreau


André is a Patient Partner co-facilitator for the Training and Mentoring Program. André is a writer, speaker and active advocate living with T2D in Sherbrooke, QC. He is an accomplished author, with his second book, “Le diabète: Un nouveau mode de vie à découvrir” written and published in 2009 in collaboration with people living with diabetes from France and Belgium. With this book, André hopes to fill the void that arises after the announcement of the diagnosis, to help people better understand diabetes and its complications, as well as, to empower people living with diabetes to live a full and fulfilling life. You can access André’s book by clicking here. André has also established a website in order to inform people living with diabetes about research and to support those newly diagnosed in learning about lifestyles and diabetes management. He is actively involved in a variety of patient participation and diabetes research projects, such as Liaison Officer for the board of French language SRAP (SPOR) patients, patient partner for the Centre for Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Complications of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, patient-partner of Réseau -1 Québec, patient partner for ComPaRe research in France on diabetes, and life coach with the Kidney League in France for people who are on dialysis. André wishes to use his experience to help guide researchers in understanding the realities of living with diabetes every day. He also hopes to contribute to improving the quality of life for all people living with diabetes.