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Danièle Remy


Danièle, born in Belgium, arrived in Quebec at the age of 14. She retired from the University of Quebec in Montreal, after 23 years as an administrative executive and lecturer at the School of Management Sciences. She holds a social service diploma and a master’s degree in public administration from ENAP. Since her retirement, she has volunteered for various organizations with diverse missions: mental health, sick children, children’s home, health promotion group, collective kitchen for seniors, etc. Her involvement with Diabetes Action Canada allows her to continue to be involved in the life of society. Sharing, teaching, listening are the values ​​that have always been at the heart of its interests and actions. A mother of two, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a long time ago (around age 35). For a long time she faced this situation alone and it was with great pleasure that she learned about Diabetes Action Canada and the possibility of joining this group and participating in the search for solutions and support.