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Jamie Boisvenue

MSc, BTech, PhD


Jamie is an epidemiologist specializing in chronic disease and health services research. His masters degree in Epidemiology and Public Health focused on metabolic syndrome, a clustering of risk factors said to contribute to the development of chronic disease. He is now working to complete his doctorate in the School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences at the University of Alberta. His current research focuses on using mixed methods to understand the Albertan type 1 diabetes lived experiences and how those experiences can be leveraged to improve clinical practice. Throughout his career, Jamie has previously worked in cardiovascular sciences looking at understanding heart failure and establishing small models for mircro-surgical research. He holds several awards for his work in type 1 diabetes research including fellowships in Knowledge Translation from Diabetes Action Canada, Research Excellence from the Alberta Government, and Patient-Oriented Research from Alberta Innovates SPOR platform as well as several scientific publications in the realm of pre-clinical and clinical sciences.