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Paula Rochon



Dr. Paula Rochon is the founding director and lead of Women’s Age Lab, the first research centre to focus on older women in the world, based at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. Through a focus on sex and age disaggregated data collection, Women’s Age Lab aims to support the healthy aging of women by reimagining a system and society where older women and their distinct well-being and health needs are recognized and addressed.

Her team at Women’s Age Lab has worked with Diabetes Action Canada since its earliest inception, providing insights on the integration of sex and gender in the different research studies of the network, reviewing proposal materials and editing application documents to incorporate a sex and gender lens. Dr. Rochon primarily supports aging, as well as sex and gender, in relation to disaggregated data collection. She is a geriatrician and her expertise in aging and sex and gender research at Women’s Age Lab will continue to support Diabetes Action Canada to ensure that aging and sex and gender are considered at all stages of the research.

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